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Travel to Bandung from Jogja

There are a variety of options available to travel to Bandung from Jogja (or, more formally, Yogyakarta) (380km). Backpackers, with time on their hands and the desire to experience local scenery and culture, may choose to travel the hard way, others may choose the easy way. Your available budget may also dictate your choice!

Travel the easy way

By air

This is the only easy way to travel to Bandung. The other alternatives will leave you tired and / or frustrated and you will promise yourself “never again by road or rail”! Adisucipto International Airport is situated on the eastern side of the city and a taxi to the airport from the city center will cost around Rp 50,000.

Or you can catch the Trans Jogja bus (route 1A) which runs in a continuous loop from the city to airport and back at about 15 minute intervals.

You could also take the train from Tugu station (near Malioboro) to Maguwo station which is just across the road from the airport via an underpass but the train schedule is approximately one hour between departures so why would you bother unless you are a train enthusiast?

Lion Air and Merpati serve this route with daily flights. Currently (Nov 201) the Lion flight departs at 12:50 and the Merpati flight at 14:20. Journey time is 70 minutes. You can book on-line or buy your ticket from one of the many travel agents in the city.

Travel the hard way

By train

Stasiun Tugu (Tugu Central Railway Station) is near Malioboro on Jl. Mangkubumi and you can buy your ticket there or at travel agents who want an extra Rp 10,000 above the ticket price for their service.

You can also buy your ticket on-line at http://kereta-api.co.id.

If you buy at the station you have to follow the increasingly mind numbing process of taking a queue ticket and waiting for your number to be displayed on the electronic sign. While you are waiting to be called, don’t forget to walk to the other side of the room to complete the ticket request form. Conveniently there is a timetable displayed so you can select the train and departure time that best suits you. Whatever happened to the old system where you could go any ticket window and request a ticket to any destination? All in the interest of customer service and satisfaction no doubt!

Tickets can be purchased up to 30 days in advance. If you leave it until the last moment, you may find that all tickets have been sold – particularly in holiday periods.

There are two trains to Bandung in the morning:

Lodaya Pagi, departing at 0 9:25 and arriving at Bandung 17:05. Executive and Business class tickets available.

Argo Wilis, departing at 12:05 and arriving at Bandung 19:13. Executive class tickets only.

Four further trains leave at night arriving in Bandung the next morning:

Lodaya Malam, departing at 21:24 and arriving at Bandung 05:21. Executive and Business class tickets available.

Mutiara Selatan, departing at 21:47 and arriving at Bandung 05:59 Business class only.

Turangga, departing at 22:43 and arriving at Bandung 06:10 Executive class tickets only.

Malabar, departing at 23:05 and arriving at Bandung 06:49. Executive, Business and Economy class tickets available.

By bus

Terminal Penumpang Giwangan (Giwangan Bus Terminal). Jl. Imogiri, Giwangan Is the main bus terminal for travel to Bandung arriving in Bandung at the Cicaheum Terminal. Journey time is anywhere from 8 to 10 hours.

The adventurous can also take a bus from Giwangan Terminal to Purwokerto (5 hours) and then pick up a connection from there to Bandung (6 to 7 hours).

There are also executive class coaches (“patas”) plying the Yogyakarta to Bandung route. You can bu tickets for these executive coaches inside the bus terminal and you can choose to journey by the northern or southern routes. Bandung Express is one of the most popular.

By car

Yogyakarta is one of the easiest cities in which to find car rental including gasoline and an English speaking driver for travel to Bandung. Cars available include sedans (Honda Accord style) and Avanza styles at prices starting around Rp 1,500,00 for 12 hours.

The easiest way to find a selection of rental companies in a single location is to head to Adisucipto airport where car rental businesses abound, useful if you’re flying in to Yogyakarta for a few days before continuing your journey to Bandung.

An internet search will likely prove frustrating since so many businesses want to sell a tour package lasting a few days and we couldn’t find a simple solution for basic travel to Bandung. However your hotel or guest house will certainly be able to arrange this for you.

Prices are very competitive and you should expect to pay around Rp 1,500,000 + tip for the driver for the one way trip. A further option is to share the cost by organizing the journey to Bandung with others.

Be aware, though, that the journey time by car can be up to 9 hours depending on traffic and the condition of the roads. Although there will be rest breaks for you (and the driver!) you will probably be very tired, if not exhausted, by the time you reach Bandung!

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