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Travel to Bandung from Pangandaran

There are plenty of ways to travel to Bandung from Pangandaran (236 km) and you can do it the easy way or the hard way depending on your budget and what you want to experience along your journey.

Travel the easy way

By car

You can rent a decent car such as an Avanza, complete with driver and gasoline for around Rp 550,000 one way. The driver will collect you from your hotel or guest house and deliver you to your chosen destination in Bandung. If you can find others seeking to make the same trip you can split the cost but tip the driver well if he has to find multiple drop-off points.

Most travel agencies, hotels and guest house will have contact telephone numbers for either individuals or small businesses that offer this service and will earn a small commission for placing your business with them.

Travel time will vary according to the traffic and road conditions but anywhere between 4 and 5 hours would be reasonable.

By mini bus

A door to door sir conditioned mini bus service is offered by Sari Harum for travel to Bandung for around Rp 100,000 one way with a journey time of about 6 hours.

By bus

PT. Budiman has buses (air conditioned and non air conditioned) from Pangandaran to the Cicaheum terminal in Bandung. You’ll find their terminal about 2.5 km west of Pangandaran on Jl Merdeka . Some go direct, others via Banjar and then Tasikmalaya before arriving in Bandung. The direct route has larger buses and a single destination. On the other routes you may have to change buses so don’t leave Pangandaran too late in the day or you may find that the last connecting bus to Bandung has already departed, leaving you temporarily stranded.

By Air

Susi Air used to fly direct from Pangandaran (Nusawiru airport) to Bandung but at present (Nov 2012) only flies direct to Jakarta. Hopefully the Bandung schedule will be restored.

Travel the hard way

By train

You can’t travel to Bandung directly from Pangandaran but you can take a local bus to Banjar and from there pick up the train, either the Argowilis (executive class) or the Lodaya (executive and business). The journey time is about 3 ½ hours. You will stop on the way at Tasikmalaya and Cipeundeuy. Or you can get off the train at Tasikmalaya and take a bus to Bandung from there.

By bus

You can take the 4848 bus from Pangandaran to Bandung but be aware that you will face multiple stops to either pick up new passengers or drop off existing passengers. The journey can be quite gruelling but the ticket price is probably the cheapest that you can find to travel to Bandung.

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