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Travel to Bandung and don't miss Amnesia Club for a great night out !

Travel to Bandung and have a night out at Amnesia Club, Bandung

Don't miss Amnesia Club! The Club is situated in the center of Bandung's night life in Paskal Hyper Square, Jalan Pasirkaliki. It's one of the most popular clubs in Bandung with a massive sound system and is enjoyed by both locals, tourists and expats. The music style is House / Progressive music with Top 40 remixes. The word "Amnesia" was selected as the club's name to encourage guests to temporarily forget life's stresses and hassles and to just enjoy an incredible atmosphere.

The club can hold in excess of 800 guests and is usually full at weekends!

Amnesia Club also has Karaoke on the 3rd floor.

Open Monday until Saturday 10pm - 4am and 10pm - 5am on weekends.

Amount of table and capacity :
7 vip ( sofa ) for 12 persons
23 floor ( round table ) for 6 persons
16 window for 4 persons
Table Z for 8 persons

Amnesia Club
Komplek Paskal Hyper Square Skylink , Jalan Pasir Kaliki Bandung
Phone +62860 60 675, Fax +62860 60 675


Amnesia Club Bandung
Amnesia Club Bandung
Amnesia Club Bandung
Amnesia Club Bandung
Amnesia Club Bandung - Opening Night
Amnesia Club Bandung
Amnesia Club Bandung

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