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There is one specialist centre devoted entirely to shopping for electronics, BEC. The others sell other products too. At May 2012 there is a huge development, with a green frontage, taking place in Jalan Ciampelas on the right hand side that is rumored to be a new Bandung electronics mall. When you travel to Bandung don't miss these.


Travel to Bandung: Shopping for Electronics

Bandung Electronics Centre (BEC)

Jalan Purnawarman

Electronics, Computers, Cameras, Handphones, Accessories, Food court. Probably the best mall for anything new electronic.


Bandung Electronics BEC


Jalan Kebon Kelapa , Moh. Toha

Shopping center especially for electronics, hand phones, computers, bargain price clothes, shoes. Food court.

Bandung Electronics ITC

Bandung Electronic Mall

Jalan Naripan Nos 85 - 89

Computers, Handphones, Accessories, Food Court.

Almost empty at our last visit (March 2011)

Bandung Electronic Mall

Bandung Computer Centre

Jalan Ahmed Yani 416

This is the place to go for repairs to any electronic equipment, buying used equipment and special cables.

Interesting old building full of small 'shops' selling an amazing variety of electronics parts and accessories.

Bandung Computer Mall

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